NAU has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the National Police Cyber Police Department of Ukraine!

NAU Rector Volodymyr Isayenko and Head of the Cyber Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine Oleksandr Grinchak signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and Partnership on Scientific, Technical and Educational Activities.

Oleksandr Grinchak noted that cooperation with the university is not accidental as NAU is one of the leading defense organizations of Ukraine in training cyber security specialists.

Cooperation with the National Police Cyber Police Department of Ukraine!

                                                     Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in a collaboration event between the National Aviation University and the National Police’s Cyber ​​Police Department.
During this event, a memorandum of cooperation will be signed by NAU Rector V. Isaenko and Head of the Cyber ​​Police Department O. Grinchak, a presentation of the main goals and objectives of the cyber police operation in Ukraine, as well as possible directions of cooperation and interaction of the Cyber ​​Police Department
structural units of our university.
The event will be held on Wednesday, February 26:

11:00 – signing of the Memorandum (NAU Museum, 1 building, 2 floor)
11:20 – Presentation “On the Prospects of Cooperation between NAU and Cyber ​​Police” (aud. 1-002)
We look forward to seeing you and your students at this event.
Before meeting!

The cyber police is an inter-regional territorial body of the National Police of Ukraine, which ensures the implementation of state policy in the field of combating cybercrime, informs the population about the emergence of new cybercriminals, implements software for systematization of cybercidents, etc. The Department specializes in the prevention, detection, cessation and disclosure of criminal offenses, mechanisms for the preparation, commission or concealment of which involves the use of computers and modern information and communication technologies.

We invite you to participate in the XX International International Conference of Young Scientists and Students “POLIT. CURRENT PROBLEMS OF SCIENCE

National Aviation University invites students and young scientists from national and foreign universities, scientific organizations and institutions to participate in the work of the XX International International Conference of Young Scientists and Students “POLIT. MODERN PROBLEMS OF SCIENCE ”!

Participation in the Conference is free of charge. According to the results of the Conference a summary of theses will be published.

The conference only involves in-person participation. Participants who submit abstracts but will not present them at the conference will unfortunately not be included in the conference proceedings.

Working languages: Ukrainian and English. 

The FCCI plans to hold a section on “Modern information and communication technologies in aviation”. The chairman of the section – Ph.D., Associate Professor S. Gnatyuk, responsible secretary – Ph.D. T.Okhrimenko. For detailed requirements, please email:

FCCPI students participated in roundtable on solving urgent problems and further development of aviation industry of Ukraine

NAU representatives – Professor Ziatdinov Yu.K., Associate Professor Zham O.Yu., students of FCPCI Tarasenko Yevgeniya, Tatarchina Darina, Kolesnik Artem and Onishchuk Mykyta on behalf of the rector of the university Professor Isayenko V.M. took part in the roundtable on solving urgent problems and further development of the aviation industry of Ukraine, which took place on November 27, 2019 at the press center of the Ukrainian National News Agency “Ukrinform”.

The roundtable was attended by representatives of the Office of the President, profile committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Department of Industrial Policy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, SC “Ukroboronprom”, SE “Antonov”, JSC “Motor Sich”, SE “Ivchenko-Progress” , Kharkiv State Aviation Production Enterprise, PJSC “Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology, Association“ Ukraviaprom ”, Trade Union of Aircraft Builders of Ukraine and National Aviation University.

Participants of the roundtable discussed practical issues that hinder the effective work of both the entire industry and its individual enterprises: there is a lack of coordination of the enterprises of the branch due to the absence of a single centralized state management body, the number of employees decreases, the arrears of wages and production ceases , such flagships of Ukrainian aviation as Antonov State Enterprise and Kharkov DAVP cannot resume serial production of aircraft by the state The directions and prospects for further development of the industry have not been determined, and the Government has not yet approved the Aviation Development Program.

The participants of the round table are convinced that today the aviation industry is creating and producing modern aircraft, engines, equipment, capable to shape the image of Ukraine in the world as a developed industrial state.

As a result of the roundtable, a resolution and discussion of the industry’s problems at the NSDC meeting is being prepared.

NAU eSports Laboratory opened

The Cybersecurity, Computer and Software Engineering Faculty opened the CYBERSPORT IT-BootCamp NAU Laboratory, the first in Ukraine to offer higher education in the eSports Laboratory. The laboratory, which will train the students of NAU, was created with the support of PJSC “Savings Bank of Ukraine” and Mastercard.

During the inauguration, Rector Volodymyr Isaenko emphasized that the implementation of this project gives the opportunity to the NAU e-sportsmen to improve their skills and demonstrate a high level of playing at the championships of Ukraine and the world. He thanked the sponsors and the Ministry of Education for their support in implementing the innovative project. “I congratulate our students on the opening of the laboratory and I would like to point out that our university is the one place that will help to realize your most daring ideas.”

Vadim Stetsenko, the chairman of the Committee on Physical Education and Sports of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, said: “Creating such a laboratory within the walls of your university is an innovation. The Ministry, for its part, initiated international e-sports competitions with a combination of mobile activities, as the development of e-sports is a promising area and we are grateful to the University for cooperation. ”

Sergiy Kryuchkov, Head of the Savings Bank Headquarters for Kyiv and Kyiv Region, noted that “eSports today is not only an independent industry with great potential, but also a unique channel of interaction with a young audience. That is why Oschadbank has decided to support the aspiration of NAU students to develop and conquer new peaks. ”

Determined the LAN switching of the NAU Rector Final with CS: GO

The NAU STEWARDS team wins the LAN Rector Cup Final with CS: GO. For the first time a tournament of this format was held among students of our university.

The tournament was attended by 14 teams from the faculties, institutes and separate structural units of NAU. Counter-Strike LAN Finals in 5×5 format went to two teams – NAU STEWARDS and Rem Baza.

NAU STEWARDS team won the Rector’s Cup: students of the Faculty of Cyber Security, Computer and Software Engineering Alexander Ryzhov “Fink” (team captain), Dmitry Tverdohleb “SteNC1”, Dmitry Pankratov “Panklyk”, Ikhta Panklyk Artem Shalenko College of Science, Cj_139.

Rector Volodymyr Isayenko congratulated the team on the victory, presented the prizes and wished success in qualifying for the Universities Championship of Ukraine, which will be held on November 30, 2019.

Congratulations to the winners!


LAN-Final of the NAU Rector’s Cup with CS: GO!

Based on online qualifications, the teams have reached the finals of the championship:

✈️NAU Stewards vs 🔫RMBz

At 3:30 pm in the hall of the 1st Corps, our boys will compete for the Champions Cup and determine which team will be the best among the students of the National Aviation University. The match will be held in the VO3🔥🔥 format! There will be draws, team communication, NAU Esports founders will talk about the future of the project and a lot of CS: GO! 😎

12:00Also, for everyone, at 12:00 there will be a 1×1 tournament on aim_map!

You can register at:

“Attention! To participate – you must confirm your intentions at 11:30 at the venue. Only 40 first entrants will be allowed in the tournament, so hurry up!

Technical partner of the event @cyberring_club

life is movement, movement is sport!

Students of our faculty met in October positively and sports.

On October 1, 2019, a volleyball tournament was held between the departments of the Faculty of Cybersecurity, Computer and Software Engineering. between 7, 8 and 9 hostel

The following teams took part in the tournament: PI, SSU “SP-125”, TP “Syrniki with a highlight”, KSZI, KIT “Tatars”, ZZI “Bodun”, “Children of the Sun”.

First place: TP “Cheesecakes with a raisin”.

Second place: CSU “SP-125”.

Third place: ZZI “Bodun”.


The organizers of the tournament are the Student Council of the Faculty of Cybersecurity, Computer and Software Engineering, represented by Tatiana Osipchuk, the Chairman of the Student Council of the FCCSE and Khalipenko Yulia, the Deputy Chairman of the SC FCCSE.

Thank you for your support: Valery V. Kozlovsky, First Vice-Rector of NAU; the dean of the FCCSE; Department of Physical Education and Sports Training of the FLSK.

We also thank our Honorable Judge Bohdan Kobernyuk, a student at FTMl


09/28/19 The first eSports tournament took place in the hostel # 11 from the game “FIFA 19”

Congratulations to our winners:

1st place – “P1lot” Slobodyanyuk Mykhailo.

2nd place – “Designer” Melnyk Anton.

3rd place –  “Accuracy” Nosan Bogdan’s.

The top scorer of the tournament (16 goals scored) is “Accuracy” Nosan Bogdan.

The best defense of the tournament (1 goal missed) is “VOENKOM” by Mokrynsky Valery.

Thank you all for your participation and help.

We would also like to thank our sponsors:

«Red bull»


Student council of 11 hostel

Compete with each other, train for the next tournaments, look forward to your support and participation.

P.S: wishes, suggestions are always accepted. Make our student life more interesting