Department of Information Technologies Security

Scientific Activities

Scientific activity of the Department of Information Technology Security is conducted in the following areas:

• expertise in information security; cyber security of civil aviation; intellectualized systems of information security (supervisor – Alexander Korchenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor);

• comprehensive information security systems (supervisor – Vladimir Khoroshko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor);

• information security management systems (supervisor – Vasyl Bryl, Ph.D., prof.);

• information and aviation security (supervisor – Evgenii Ivanchenko, Ph.D., Assoc.);

• methods and models of cyberattack detection systems (supervisor – Anna Korchenko, Ph.D., Assoc.);

• protection of critical information infrastructure (scientific adviser – Victoria Sidorenko, Ph.D.);

• the latest technologies of cryptographic protection of information (supervisor – Vasily Kinzeryavy, Ph.D.);

• regulatory and technical support of information security (supervisor – Alexey Gavrilenko, Ph.D., Assoc.);

• information security risks; examination of complex systems of information protection (supervisor – Svetlana Kazmirchuk, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Assoc.).

 мodels and methods of protection of information with restricted access (supervisor – Yuriі Dreіs, Ph.D., Assoc.)

Based on theoretical studies in these areas, the results of scientific work have been applied in the processes of examination of complex information security systems and certification of a wide range of modern digital communication systems, which are the main elements of the equipment of global and local telecommunication networks.

Students and young scientists take an active part in the scientific work of the department. After graduation, you can continue your postgraduate studies and further doctoral studies. The basic profile of postgraduate and doctoral students training is related to scientific specialties 05.13.21 “Information Security Systems” and 21.05.01 “Information Security of the State”.

According to the results of scientific work, scientists and students of the department take part in scientific congresses, symposia, conferences and seminars.

A number of systems were created on the basis of the scientific developments of the department, the results of the candidate and doctoral theses, scientific works of the candidates of sciences of NAU:

• detection of attacks;

• assessment of protection against socio-technical attacks;

• to assess the level of security of information resources;

• to assess the level of information security;

• modeling of classical and quantum information processes;


• cryptographic protection of state information resources, etc.

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