Activities of the Faculty Academic Council

Activities of the Faculty Academic Council

Among the planned questions on the agenda for 20.05.2019 (in case of appropriate minutes):

1. Recommendation of the list on settlements of faculty staff to hostels.

2. Approval of the OPP (who did not have time to approve by the faculty council).

3. Recommendation for the publication of educational literature if someone urgently needs to be recommended for the NMRD meeting. Among debtors:

– Financial and E-Commerce Systems, Klyuyev E.I, Grinenko O.O., Vasilyeva M.D., (scheduled April 2019), Department of SE.

– Internet technologies, Syabruk IM, (according to the plan April 2019), Department of the CMS.

4. Postgraduate / doctoral student certification (if certification is to be approved by the Faculty Academic Council).

5. Other issues (according to the chairs).

IF AT the Departments there are current issues in this list, PLEASE REPORT, send them electronic copies on the dean office e-mail, or on the e-mail, and paper reports bring to the dean office.

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