Department of Computer Systems and Networks

General Information


 Computer engineering – is a engineering sectors with values that determine technical progress suchasnosti. Specialist, pidhotovleni Department, working in the field of hardware and software of computers, computer systems and networks. They vmiyut create specialized computer systems and software for processing tasks and signals image orientation and management of moving objects, provide telecommunications functions, create computing systems with elements of artificial intelligence, conduct in the administration of complex computer networks in general i widely used computer cybernetic engineering for various sectors of the economy i, in the first place – for the field of aviation.

The department trains specialists with full teaching academic subjects in English.

The object of the activity level Bachelor experts are technical and software computer systems, networks and their components. After undergraduate students may continue their training for the educational-qualification levels of specialist or Master.

Specialist – a fahivets, who was vminnya are special skills and i can ensure the development and operation of computer systems and networks as well as the creation and support of modern information. technologies in corporate and global network systems.

Fahivets level by special Master possesses the knowledge and skills to perform pedagogical, scientific research and of internal functions.

Preparation of specialists and masters is oriented towards modern information technologies. Students learn discipline are special: prohramni and technical protection of information, decision-making system, Internet technology, designing microprocessor systems, foundations administer computer networks and more.

KSM Department has accumulated much experience educational, methodical and scientific work in many areas of the design and operation of modern technical means and the software and hardware of computer systems and networks:

  • organization and programming of distributed computing in high-performance computer systems of mass paralleling;
  • development and design of high-performance computer networks and systems;
  • Planning and dyspetcheryzatsiyi parallel processes in multiprocessor computer systems and networks;
  • problem-system programming and computer systems with elements of artificial intelligence.

His rich experience of scientific and pedagogical staff of the department KSM give to all who is willing to learn in “computer engineering”. The department KSM stvoreni all conditions for rapid scientific growth of students, carried out preparation of specialists of higher qualification through post-graduate course i doctorate.


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