Department of Computer Systems and Networks

Areas of research

    • The study of the principles of parallel computing structures to meet the challenges of large dimensions.
    • Technologies Mining and early identification of anomalies structured multidimensional traffic networks.

Fundamental research “development theory, methods and techniques of dependability optimal control computer network” (Supervisor prof. Zhukov IA) performed in 2013-2015 GG

Scientific research

      • Intelligent technologies, methods and means of improving the efficiency of distributed computing systems based on neural networks tensor.
      • Automated information systems of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine.
      • Technical project on creation of information and analytical decision support system for management of socio-economic development areas.
      • Methods and means for determining the attacks on computer systems based on the analysis and prediction of traffic in tensor neural basis.
      • Software membrane Internet portal of information resources of Education Science of Ukraine.


Doctoral studies


The department trains candidates and doctors of sciences, specialty 05.13.05 – Computer Systems and Components.

Conferences and seminars


The department holds annual International Scientific Conference “Computer Systems and Network Technology” on the basis of NAU IKIT (VI Conference held 11-13 June 2013, VII Conference scheduled for April 2014).



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