Department of Computer Systems and Networks


Today the Department of Computer Systems and Networks carries on the faculty of computer system training highly qualified specialists at a distance and on the job:

  • bachelors in the direction 0915 “Computer Engineering” (4 years);
  • masters and specialists in specialty 8.091501 “Computer systems and networks” (5 years).

The department has 7 professors and doctors, among them – Honored inventor of Ukraine, Professor, PhD Zhukov IA

Head of Department of Computer Systems and merezh- Professor Igor Zhukov, a graduate of the University FAVT. Graduates computing received basic training in the design and operation of computer systems and networks as well as the creation and support of modern information technologies in corporate and global network systems and can operate successfully in the research, design, technological, educational, financial and banking information and other establishments, institutions and enterprises.

Bachelor and Masters oriented towards information technology. Students study special subjects, onboard computers and aircraft, designing microprocessor systems, fundamentals of administration of computer networks, artificial intelligence, software engineering and data protection, decision-making systems, advanced information technology, Internet technology and more.

During the training, students learn the basics of administration and corporate computer networks, database administration and development of Web-sites (HTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, CGI, Perl, XML, MySQL), and Network Extranet and Intranet.

Learning languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Students can simultaneously receive a second degree at the Institute of Continuing Education of the University for training areas: management, marketing, accounting, economic security, programming and reserve officer rank after the completion of the department of military training.

Financing your studies can be carried out with funds, state budget, businesses and individuals. The department computer systems and networks, all the conditions for the rapid growth of science students, the training of highly qualified specialists through postgraduate and doctoral studies.

All interested students from other cities of the campus.

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