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 Department of Applied Informatics based at the National Aviation University in 2001.

Head of Department – PhD, Professor, s.n.s. Vladimir Gamayun

Department of Applied Informatics provides training educational qualification of:

  • bachelors in the direction of 6.050101 “Computer Science” (4 years);
  • and masters in specialty 7 / 8.080402 “Information Technologies” (5.5 years).

Information technologies have long been designing practical tools for designing, providing 20-30% of the gross national product leading industrially developed countries. The reduction of 1% of the costs (ie, costs of developing, stockpiling, handling, delivery and sales, etc.) equivalent to almost 10% increase in sales.

Information technology design allows enterprises to save material, energy, financial, information resources, helps accelerate the turnover of funds and reduction of an important phase of the product life cycle – design, providing the most complete customer satisfaction with quality products and services.

Analysis of international experience shows that IT Specialist design – is, above all, a system analyst who is able to calculate and justify the economic feasibility and effectiveness of management decisions on a through process design based on the needs of all its members.

The presence of such experts in the structure of any company, organization or agency will improve their competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

 Students are introduced to the program information processing among packages AutoCAD, bCAD, MathCAD, PiCAD, MathLab, Photo shop, Database Access, Delphi, packages Auto Desk, Auto Vision, 1C accounting, the use of Internet-technologies, including Semantic WEB and language networking ontologies OWL, Case-technology design packages LABWIND, VIEW, HP-IB, Kamak, packages Active-VHDL, ALDEC, packages Prover machine language, computer algebra systems Maple, Reduce, Derive, industrial systems design MAPTOP, packages for 3D Studio -Mirage, Penollo, LensFX, digital image processing.

Students are actively engaged in research work, participate in scientific conferences and can get the title of reserve officer after completion of the faculty of military training.

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