Department of Applied Informatics

Head of Department

Gamayun Vladimir – Dr. oktor Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher.

He proposed a number of scientific statements that are separate direction in the development of the theory of computational structures. In particular bahatooperandnoyi processing concept and principles of precise calculations on the basis of the original construction data structures – Running-logarithmic codes. Author of over 100 scientific papers, has patents.

In 1999 he defended his doctoral thesis “Theoretical Foundations, algorithms and structures bahatooperandnoyi processing” (specialty 05.13.13 – computers, systems and networks).

The thesis studied the problems of increasing the productivity of computer technology through the use of methods and tools bahatooperandnoyi processing. To solve the problems in the dissertation the conceptual approach to computing the structures and organization of computing process – bahatooperandna treatment.

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