Кафедра Комп’ютерних інформаційних технологій

Scientific activity at the department

Scientific activity at the department is conducted on the following main scientific areas:

  • development of flight data recording means;
  • methods, models and technologies for dynamic objects flight control systems development;
  • development of methods for the aircraft’s dynamic characteristics determination by video information;
  • development of the information and control system for the CA of Ukraine;
  • development of a State Flight Control System for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine;
  • development of principle electric circuits for their implementation;
  • development of simulator for individual pilot training;
  • development of software and hardware complex for flight information processing and analysis.

  • The department prepares the higher qualification personnel through postgraduate studies, doctoral studies, and internships in the specialty “Information Control Systems and Technologies”. The department traditionally holds leading positions in students’ research work. The best works are prize-winning and awarded with diplomas at the annual international scientific and technical conferences “AVIA”, international scientific conferences of students and young scientists “POLIT”, etc. The most trained students are involved in research work at the department. In the future, they will be given the possibility of an extraordinary admission to the postgraduate study.

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