Cooperation with the National Police Cyber Police Department of Ukraine!

                                                     Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in a collaboration event between the National Aviation University and the National Police’s Cyber ​​Police Department.
During this event, a memorandum of cooperation will be signed by NAU Rector V. Isaenko and Head of the Cyber ​​Police Department O. Grinchak, a presentation of the main goals and objectives of the cyber police operation in Ukraine, as well as possible directions of cooperation and interaction of the Cyber ​​Police Department
structural units of our university.
The event will be held on Wednesday, February 26:

11:00 – signing of the Memorandum (NAU Museum, 1 building, 2 floor)
11:20 – Presentation “On the Prospects of Cooperation between NAU and Cyber ​​Police” (aud. 1-002)
We look forward to seeing you and your students at this event.
Before meeting!

The cyber police is an inter-regional territorial body of the National Police of Ukraine, which ensures the implementation of state policy in the field of combating cybercrime, informs the population about the emergence of new cybercriminals, implements software for systematization of cybercidents, etc. The Department specializes in the prevention, detection, cessation and disclosure of criminal offenses, mechanisms for the preparation, commission or concealment of which involves the use of computers and modern information and communication technologies.

We invite you to participate in the XX International International Conference of Young Scientists and Students “POLIT. CURRENT PROBLEMS OF SCIENCE

National Aviation University invites students and young scientists from national and foreign universities, scientific organizations and institutions to participate in the work of the XX International International Conference of Young Scientists and Students “POLIT. MODERN PROBLEMS OF SCIENCE ”!

Participation in the Conference is free of charge. According to the results of the Conference a summary of theses will be published.

The conference only involves in-person participation. Participants who submit abstracts but will not present them at the conference will unfortunately not be included in the conference proceedings.

Working languages: Ukrainian and English. 

The FCCI plans to hold a section on “Modern information and communication technologies in aviation”. The chairman of the section – Ph.D., Associate Professor S. Gnatyuk, responsible secretary – Ph.D. T.Okhrimenko. For detailed requirements, please email:

LAN-Final of the NAU Rector’s Cup with CS: GO!

Based on online qualifications, the teams have reached the finals of the championship:

✈️NAU Stewards vs 🔫RMBz

At 3:30 pm in the hall of the 1st Corps, our boys will compete for the Champions Cup and determine which team will be the best among the students of the National Aviation University. The match will be held in the VO3🔥🔥 format! There will be draws, team communication, NAU Esports founders will talk about the future of the project and a lot of CS: GO! 😎

12:00Also, for everyone, at 12:00 there will be a 1×1 tournament on aim_map!

You can register at:

“Attention! To participate – you must confirm your intentions at 11:30 at the venue. Only 40 first entrants will be allowed in the tournament, so hurry up!

Technical partner of the event @cyberring_club