Research Directions

Research Directions

·             Structural data coding in automated control systems. Protecting information on computer systems and networks. Cryptographic methods of information security. Methods for protecting operating systems and software.

·             Intelligent Information Security Systems. Cyber security of civil aviation. Complex information security systems. Cryptographic information security technologies. Management, regulatory and technical support of information security. Expertise in the field of information security.

·             Decision Making Methods in Computerized Aviation Management Systems. Methods for diagnosing complex, multi-failure technical objects. Technologies of logic-linguistic modeling, analysis and synthesis of electronic documents in artificial intelligence systems.

·             Software Engineering.

·            Technology of registration, processing and analysis of flight information. Methods, models and technologies for creating a dynamic object flight control system. Methods for determining the dynamic characteristics of aircraft on video information.

·             Methods of modeling information technology design.

·             Exploring the principles of constructing parallel computing structures to solve large-scale problems. Techniques for the mining and early identification of anomalies of multidimensional structured computer network traffic.

·             Techniques for creating computer multimedia systems for scientific and educational purposes. Methods of evaluation of psycho-emotional state of users of multimedia information in diagnostic systems. Mathematical modeling of physical processes in problems of gas and hydrodynamics, theory of elasticity. Methods of processing experimental information. Development of actual problems of modern mathematics. Technology of parallel calculations of resource-demanding tasks.


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