Software Engineering Conference

Since 03.06.19 till 06.06.19 at the Department of Software Engineering of the National Aviation University, Faculty of Cyber Security, Computer and Software Engineering there was held a scientific and technical conference “Software Engineering”.

The conference was organized in three sections:

       Applied Aspects of Software Engineering,

       Theoretical Basics of Software Engineering

       Software Engineering Application Domains.

Organizers of the conference are:

            National Aviation University, Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Cybersecurity, Computer and Software Engineering;

            Institute of Information Theories and Applications ITHEA (Bulgaria),

            International Scientific Society ITHEA® ISS (International Scientific Society)

            Association of Intelligent Systems Developers and Users (ASKIS).

The review of scientific papers was carried out by a highly qualified program committee, which included leading specialists in software engineering from eight countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Jordan, Egypt, Bulgaria, Taiwan and Ukraine). The papers were submitted in English.

Information about the conference was circulated by program committee members and through the ITHEA ® ISS mailing list, which has about 4,800 subscribers in more than 50 countries. The conference call for papers is available on the ITHEA ISS website in the ITA 2019 Joint IT Event Partners section (

Researchers from five countries (Belarus, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, and Ukraine) participated in the conference. Submitted papers contain information on the latest research in Software Engineering.

Submission and review of the work was done through the open conference system on the ITHEA ISS website.

The best works are recommended by the Program Committee for publication in the International Journal. Information Models and Analyses based on grant publications.

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