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Computerized Control Systems (CCS) was established in May 2000 through the merger of three leading departments of the former Faculty of Informatics:

  • Department of Theory and Automatic Control aviation training;
  • Department of Technical Cybernetics;
  • Department of automated air traffic management systems.

 Department of automatic control theory and aviation simulators – one of the oldest in the university. It was established in 1957 under the name “Department of Aviation Automation”. The founder and first head of the department was Professor Dr. Alexander I. Kuhtenko – a prominent scientist in the field of automatic control theory, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Since the early 60s greatly expanded the scope of educational and scientific activity. In 1965 the department was given a new name: “Department of automatic control theory.” Research and teaching staff of the department of research performed world level. For example, in 1967 – 1971 years in the framework of the State Program on creation of a spacecraft for manned flight of the Soviet crew to the moon, landing on the surface of human and subsequent return to Earth by the Council of Ministers at the Department were conducted research and design work to create a simulator landing module spacecraft. This module had separated from the main spacecraft orbiting the moon, astronauts perform controlled flight surfaces to natural Earth satellite landing on its surface. And after he had to start from the lunar surface, to reach the main ship and dock with it. This work was led by O.I.Kuhtenko successfully performed (responsible fulfills N.A.Kirsenko and V.S.Babenko). The simulator was installed in the Cosmonaut Training Center and adopted by the Governmental Commission. Astronauts it began intensive training on working off a visual landing on the lunar surface, starting from the surface and docking with the main spacecraft orbiting the moon.

Після того, як роботи за цією Державною програмою були припинені, тренажер посадочного модуля був переобладнаний і виконувався для тренування радянських космонавтів та американських астронавтів за програмою “Союз-Аполлон”. Відпрацьовувалися зближення і стиковка цих космічних кораблів для спільного польоту.


 In 1978 was elected chairman of the department known scientist, PhD, Professor, now Distinguished Professor of NAU Anatoliy Shevelov. In order to display the constant improvements and expansion of scientific and educational activities of the team in 1979 was named the department “Department of automatic control and automation of aviation” and in 1991 – “Departments automatic control theory and aviation training.” For the time being her department worked many leading scientific and pedagogical staff, known not only in the Soviet Union, but also beyond, including the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Dr. O.I.Kuhtenko; Professor Dr. I.I.Krynetskyy; Ph.D. V.A.Kulykov, L.P.Isayev, N.A.Kirsenko, A.A.Hurakov, V.V.Kazymirchak, VM

Department of Technical Cybernetics was founded in 1971 by the need to prepare professionals for a new specialty at the time – “Automated control systems”. He organized and headed the department known scientist, PhD, Professor, Distinguished Professor of NAU, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Alexander A. Volkov. The main scientific direction of the department – design, research and design of complex management systems based on computer technologies, methods and decision support systems.


 In 1971 – ’80 the plans of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the Department developed scientific and theoretical bases of construction of ACS “Aeroflot”. ACS developed the university, as well as various information processing systems for enterprises of civil aviation. In 1991 – ’93 executed the orders of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Since 1992 department prepared specialists in modern professions related to computer controlled manufacturing and organizational and technological activities of enterprises.

Notable members of the scientific school kafelry are scholars such as Professor L.O.Zhuk, PhD O.Ye.Lytvynenko, Ph.D. V.F.Surayev, GS Prokudin and others.

Department of automated air traffic management systems was established in 1977 due to the increased need for training specialists for automated ATC systems are widely implemented in operation. By this time the department conducted a number of graduates in the specialty “Automated control systems” specialization “Exploitation of automated ATC” actively working research laboratory AC controller.

The first head of department was appointed Professor Vladimir Ushankin known scholar, an experienced teacher, a veteran of World War II, a retired colonel. From 1979 to 1988

 The post of Head of Department held a Ph.D. S.H.Unhuryan. Since 1988 became head of the department Professor Dr. William S. Demyanchuk – known specialist in the theory and operation of construction of the AU controller.

The department since the early 90’s began training specialists on new specialty – “Automated Information Processing and Management” and specializations related to the automation of processing and display. Since 1994 the first in Ukraine began training specialists in hardware and software tools Customs.

The main scientific direction of the department is to conduct basic and applied research in the field of automation of air traffic services and computer information technology. Back in the 80s began work on the creation and implementation of complex workstations (AWP) for the air traffic service. Now these works continue on the basis of modern computer technology. Created for ARM ATC, airport duty navigators and dispatching systems ATC simulators. Conducted research on creation of automated data processing systems and services to university departments, integrated in information and computer system NAU.

Nowadays computer technologies in all sectors of the economy play an important role. There is no doubt that in the future this role will only increase. Therefore, experts in this matter will always need state.

In industrial processes control production activities of enterprises, service traffic air transport, information and publishing, Customs uses a large variety of means and hardware and software systems based on modern computer technology. Computer information technology used in harvesting, processing, storage, security, documentation and mapping information. Creation, use and technical operation of the necessary hardware and software systems require highly qualified specialists – engineers systemotehnykiv.


Now the department engaged in the learning process eminent scientists known for their research and teaching achievements not only in Ukraine and CIS countries, but also beyond. The department employs more than 50 highly qualified teachers, including 13 professors and doctors, 22 associate professors and PhDs.

 The head of department doctor of technical sciences, professor, member of the Aerospace Academy of Ukraine Alexander Litvinenko Evgenjevich.

The department has a branch at the Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, whose leader is Professor Dr. V. Litvinov.

The department trains bachelors in the direction 0915 “Computer Engineering” (training period – 4 years) and Specialist 7.091502 “System Programming” (training period – 5 years).

Faculty conduct training for 55 training courses on hospital and Institute of correspondence and distance learning NAU.

Active and training highly qualified specialists through postgraduate and doctoral studies. Currently professor of the department prepared more than 140 candidates and 12 doctors.

The department execu scientific dosdidnytski of the world level.

The department maintains close scientific relations with educational, scientific and operational aviation units and customs departments, preparing them for graduate students and specialists.

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