Department of Computerized control systems


Computerized Control Systems (CCS) provides training qualification levels “Bachelor”, “Specialist” and “Master” in the field of knowledge 0501 “Informatics and computer engineering”:

• bachelors – in the speciality of 123 “Computer Engineering” specialization 123.02 “System programming” and 126 “Information Systems and Technologies” (the term of study is 3 years and 10 months).

• Master – specialty 123.02 “System programming” .


By study level “Bachelor” on the 1st course taken by people with secondary education. Enrollment held a competition on the basis of certificates UCEQA disciplines:

– Ukrainian language and literature;

– maths;

– physics or foreign language.

After 2 or 3 courses, to those who received education and qualification level of junior specialist.

Apprenticeship Bachelor full-time training – 3 years and 10 mohthes, for extramural – 4.5 years.

Qualifications Bachelor: Bachelor of Computer Engineering.


By study level “Master” , to those who received education and qualification level “Bachelor”. Enrollment is conducted on a competitive basis for the entrance examination in the specialty and taking into account the personal rating of the applicant. Applicants for study at level “Master” additional exam in a foreign language.

Apprenticeship and masters full-time training – 1 year, for extramural – 2 years.

Qualification Masters: Researcher (programming); Programmer system.

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